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Our Mission

To actively participate in the revitalization of Baltimore’s housing stock through the development and rehabilitation of individual homes and neighborhoods.

We provide investment opportunities to individuals interested in:

  • Acquiring properties for rental income

  • Rehabilitating properties to sell

  • Developing rental properties


We also provide management services for rental properties.


Mark Reed?



Superior Real Estate Management’s (SURE) business model is simply to provide superior service to our investors, clients, partners, and guests.  We believe and are committed to the “White Glove” management approach.  

We offer development and construction as a packaged project management service to investor clients. We also offer property management as an add-on service once the project commences or to new developer clientele with finished properties.


See our ABOUT page for more details on our service offerings! 

For over two decades, Mark Reed has been a visionary force in the realm of real estate development. His journey began in 1998, when he first dipped his toes into the world of real estate investment. With an unwavering passion for revitalizing properties and communities, Mark's impact has resonated through the cities he's called home.


Mark's initial venture into the real estate market took place in Los Angeles where he purchased, renovated, and managed his first 11 properties. 


Driven by a desire for growth and innovation, Mark expanded his horizons and relocated to Washington, DC in 2005. Here, he ventured into the historic neighborhoods of the nation's capital, purchasing and breathing new life into a 2-unit rowhome in Northeast DC.


Since 2017, Mark has been investing in blighted and vacant rowhomes in Baltimore City, where he currently owns and manages 16 rental units. 


His current project resides on the 2100 Block of East Chase Street in the Collington Square neighborhood. Which entails the complete renovation and restoration of 12 rowhomes, some of which had stood vacant and blighted for over 25 years. Mark's commitment to preserving the historical essence of these structures while infusing them with modern functionality is a testament to his dedication to both the past and future of Baltimore's vibrant communities.


Mark’s investments in his properties are more than just buildings, they are opportunities to uplift entire communities. 




For any inquiries or questions, please call:

202-288-2890 or fill out the following form


814 Cathedral Street

Suite 4F

Baltimore, MD 21201

Tel: 202-288-2890

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