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How long have you been in the developing business?

Since 1998. 23 years. 


How many properties do you manage?

Currently, SURE manages eight properties in house and for external clients.


How do you decide what rental rate to charge?

Using various market researching techniques, SURE can assist you in narrowing your marketable rental rate.


How do you screen prospective tenants? 

Using in house and external research personnel, SURE can assist you in doing credible background checks on prospective tenants.


How do you design and decorate the home?

Here at SURE we have an internal interior design team dedicated to making our properties and the properties of our clients feel like a home away from home for renters.


Do you have a portfolio?

See the available properties page, under the Residency tab. Contact us to see more projects the company has worked on.


How much time does it take to complete a project?

We at SURE have construction down to a science; and we believe in optimal efficiency. Ultimately the project schedule will be outlined in the initial contract, as well as any contingency plans necessary.


How do we partner?

Contact us with your name, email, and message below, and we'll be sure to reach out if it's a good fit within 3-5 business days.

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