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Who Are We?

CEO & President: Mark Reed

Property Manager: Savannah Burgess-Norris


Who Is
Mark Reed?

Mark Reed has been investing in real estate since 1998, having purchased, renovated and managed his first property in Los Angeles. He built his portfolio to 11 units in Los Angeles before moving to Washington, DC in 2005. Mark then purchased, renovated and managed a 2-unit rowhome in Northeast DC.


In 2017, Mark began investing in Baltimore. His first purchases were 4 rowhomes on the 2200 Block of Henneman Street in East Baltimore. Mark currently owns and manages 16 rental units in Baltimore City. In 2019, he began developing blighted, vacant rowhomes in Baltimore City commonly referred to as “shells.”


Mark’s current project is located on the 2100 Block of East Chase Street in the Collington Square neighborhood. This project involves the complete renovation and restoration of 12 rowhomes, many of which have been vacant and blighted for over 25 years.

What We Do

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Our primary customer is a busy professional/investor that appreciates our hands on “proprietary” approach to management, which allows them to focus on other areas of their lives. 

We manage all of the day-to-day aspects of our client’s portfolio and we seek to minimize/eliminate disturbances for our customers.  We provide monthly detailed reports and are, of course, happy to discuss in detail all aspects of the work we perform for our clients in whatever manner they prefer. 

As property owners and investors ourselves, SURE understands the difficulties that owners/investors face in finding skilled and committed management services that give each project/property a personal touch. Contact us for more information!

Our rehabilitation of twelve properties, over the course of the last five years, in Baltimore City aligns perfectly with our mission to contribute to Baltimore's city-wide redevelopment activity. 

We manage development and rehabilitation projects, in house and for clients, from idea conception and design to project completion. We provide monthly detailed status reports and are, of course, happy to discuss in detail all aspects of the project for our clients in whichever manner they prefer. 


As developers ourselves, SURE understands the difficulties that investors, developers, and construction companies face in finding skilled and reliable project managers that deliver quality finished property improvements or full blown developments. Contact us for more information!


How long have you been in the developing business?

Since 1998. 23 years. 


How many properties do you manage?

Currently, SURE manages eight properties in house and __ for external clients.


How do you decide what rental rate to charge?

Using various market researching techniques, SURE can assist you in narrowing your marketable rental rate.


How do you screen prospective tenants? 

Using in house and external research personnel, SURE can assist you in doing credible background checks on prospective tenants.


How do you design and decorate the home?

Here at SURE we have an internal interior design team dedicated to making our properties and the properties of our clients feel like a home away from home for renters.


Do you have a portfolio?

See the available properties page, under the "Residency" tab. Contact us to see more projects the company has worked on.


How much time does it take to complete a project?

We at SURE have construction down to a science; and we belive in optimal efficiency. Ultimately the project schedule will be outlined in the initial contract, as well as any contingency plans necessary.


How do we partner?

Contact us with your name, email, and message below, and we'll be sure to reach out if it's a good fit within 3-5 business days.

Let’s Work Together

814 Cathedral Street, Suite 4F

Tel: (202)288-2890

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